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Deposit Replacement Scheme


"A new way to rent"

Blinc have developed a market leading deposit replacement product that provides an increased level of protection for Landlords whilst reducing Tenants' upfront costs and making the renting process more streamlined for everyone involved.

The scheme provides the following benefits

  • Tenants can replace the usual monetary deposit with an 8 or 12 week rental value Deposit Replacement
  • Blinc will enter into a separate agreement with the Letting Agent/Landlord, for the lifetime of the tenancy (the period the same tenants remain in constant occupancy of the property)
  • Third party adjudication in line with the current process provided by HF Resoloutions
  • Easier end of tenancy process with the assistance of Blinc
  • Scheme is Re-Insured by an A-Rated Insurance Company and the Letting Agent and Landlord are beneficiaries of this policy
  • Commissions available for Letting Agents

For full details on our Deposit Replacement Scheme click the link below

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